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Dietribes: Taco Time!

• The word “taco” describes the traditional Mexican dish that wraps a maize tortilla around a filling (whose varieties number into the infinite), though the etymology of the word itself and how it came to describe the dish remains a riddle inside an enigma, wrapped in a taco shell. • What began as a humble idea to create [...]

The Quick 10: 10 People Who Have Opened the NYSE

Thanks to Mr. Rob Lammle, I came across a rather entertaining video of Darth Vader and a gaggle of Stormtroopers ringing the Opening Bell on Wall Street this morning. It made me wonder what other random people or characters they have put in charge of opening up trading for the day – it’s not just [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Mascots You Didn’t Know the Names Of

We see them day in and day out and often bring them into our homes to hang out with our families… but we don’t even know their real names. Tsk. Well, now you’ll be more familiar with the mascots you stock your cupboards with or see on T.V. every day – here are the not-so-well [...]

Tiniest dinosaur in North America found

Weighing less than a teacup Chihuahua the newly discovered Fruitadens haagarorum which lived 150 million years ago was just 28 inches long and is …

Cat Saves Newborn Chihuahua

Halo Animal Rescue in Phoenix, Arizona confronted a tiny problem. A chihuahua puppy was left an orphan when its mother died in childbirth. Rescue worker Heather Allen called Animal Control and asked if they had any nursing mothers. All they had was a black cat with four kittens. Knowing that without a mom the baby Chihuahua [...]

Famous Dogs Adopted From Shelters or The Streets

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog month and since I can’t adopt a new pup (my loving ex-shelter dog is sitting right beside me as I write this) I opted to do the next best thing and help promote the celebration. What better way to bring attention to the great qualities of shelter pets than [...]