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Susan Glenn

Usually, AXE deodorant body spray takes the low road of advertising. Their ads – humorous and effective as they are – can be summed up simply as (boobs) “use this to get chicks” (boobs). But not this one. Check out the “Susan Glenn” ad, as narrated by Kiefer Sutherland, and tell us if it’s a better form [...]

Steve Buscemi Dress

We’ve already featured Chicks With Steve Buscemi Eyes, but now there’s chicks wearing Steve Buscemi eyes. As a girl, I would be super creeped out by the thought of wearing this, but what do you gents think? Would you be creeped out if you saw someone in this? Link

Critter Catalog

Darren Bryant scanned a catalog called Stromberg’s Chicks & Pets Unlimited 1972, from which you could order chickens, dogs, skunks, raccoons, monkeys, anteaters, chinchillas, minks, owls, and even an ocelot! The pages are in a photoset at Flickr. Note that when you order a monkey, the clothing worn in the photograph is not included. Link [...]

Woodpecker vs. Snake

YouTube link A crimson-crested woodpecker battles an olive whipsnake on Peru’s Yarapa River. One presumes that the snake was stealing eggs or attacking chicks in the woodpeckers’ nest. The battle ends by the 3:00 mark.