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4 Doctor Who Stories Ripped From History Books

Earlier this week, we looked at Doctor Who stories inspired by the headlines. But far more stories were ripped from the history books. In fact, the original series concept back in 1963 was to alternate science fiction stories (which could be used to introduce science concepts) with period pieces (which could be used to [...]

6 Revolutionary Groups That Robbed Their Country’s Banks

© ALI HAIDER/epa/Corbis Back in May, The Washington Post reported that Libyan rebels had obtained funds by “liberating” government assets worth $505 million in the Central Bank of Libya’s Benghazi branch. Ali Tarhouni (pictured), the rebels’ minister of finance, explained the move to foreign journalists: “Let me put this way: We robbed our own bank.” Locksmiths [...]

8 of the Undead from Around the World

Zombies and vampires and ghouls, oh my! Almost every culture has stories of beings who rise from their graves or some part of the supernatural world and return to eat the living -or at least drink our blood. Here are a few of those tales from all corners of the world. 1. Vetala (India) Some of the [...]

Old Man Accused of Raping 4 Thai Sisters

A 90-year-old Australian was arrested and charged with raping four young sisters whom he allegedly lured to his home in Thailand with imported chocolates and English lessons, police said Wednesday.One girl was 5 when the alleged abuse began. The sisters are now 7 to 15, police said.Karl Joseph Kraus was arrested Tuesday at his home [...]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Wallis Simpson

It takes quite a woman to get a man to give up the English throne just to marry her, but twice-divorced American socialite Wallis Simpson pulled off the trick in 1936 when she married King Edward VIII. Here are five things you might not know about the woman for whom Edward abdicated the throne. 1. She [...]

The Hot Air Lanterns of the Chiang Mai Yi Peng Festival

(YouTube Link) The Chiang Mai Yi Peng Festival is an Buddhist holy day in Thailand. That evening, celebrants send send burning lanterns aloft, floating on hot air. According to YouTube user bugzila: [...]it is the great festival of Lanna duly succeeded from ancient age. “Yi Peng” or full-moon day of second lunar month of Lanna villagers is [...]