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Tai Chi Zero: Best Movie Trailer Ever

Now this is how you do a trailer. Awesome fight scenes, kung fu kids, special effects, kissing, pretty ladies, giant robots and robots and explosions. What the hell else could you want? Website. Watch the trailer for Tai Chi Zero and weep: Link [...]

Trailer For Steampunk Martial Arts Movie Tai Chi O

(YouTube Link) Martial artist who possess superhuman fighting skills, and steam powered weapons designed to even the odds for those less powerful, seem like a match made in action movie heaven, yet for some reason the two hardly ever come together. Tai Chi O, the newest movie by the Huayi Brothers (of Kung Fu Hustle fame) and [...]

Real Life Diglett Is Too Cute To Battle

Diglett may be one of the least popular Pokemon to collect, due to his small size and limited power, but in real life he sure is cute! He’s too cute to tag on, or back your car into after a long night at the local Sigma Chi house, and he’s probably a bit too heavy to [...]

Controversy surrounds "intelligent comet"

A comet discovered last year by Leonid Elenin is being claimed by some to be under intelligent control. Controversial claims alleged to be made by Chi…

After 112 Years, New York Times Issues a Correction

It took them a while, but the New York Times considered it a point of honor to ensure that the error-ridden 29 June 1899 obituary for Lt. M. K. Schwenk (USN) was publicly corrected. James Barron writes: If journalism is indeed the first rough draft of history, there is always time to revise, polish and perfect, [...]

10 Amazing Underground Walks

Photo: Stephen Alvarez [National Geographic] If you’re looking for something to do on your next vacation that’s a little different than the usual sightseeing fare, National Geographic has 10 jaw-dropping suggestions that all take place underground. That’s part of the Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky in the picture above. Other suggestions include the Underground City [...]

Why do we call it “Xmas”?

Lots of people think that the X in Xmas is a secular watering down of the word Christ. You know, “we love to celebrate the holiday but don’t believe in Jesus,” sort of thing. However, this is not the case. The X actually comes from the Greek letter Chi, which is the first letter of [...]

You CAN Take It With You

The Chinese have a tradition of honoring and caring for their dead by burning symbols which represent the person’s worldly possessions. The belief is that by doing this at the person’s gravesite, the objects will be delivered to them in the afterlife. Au Yeung Ping Chi specializes in creating these custom paper effigies – a craft [...]

World’s Most Flexible Women

World’s Most Flexible Women Here are some photos of extremely flexible and limber women. One wonders if they have any bones at all! Some ways to improve flexibility are through Yoga, Pilates, Ballet, Tai Chi, martial arts and swimming. The people in the following pictures seem to be naturally gifted though! Update:-View World’s Most Flexible Women Video