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She’s In A Sticky Situation

Notice something weird about that doily? Well, that might be because it is a bit sticky, that’s because it’s made out of used chewing gum. Maybe it’s just me, but I certainly wouldn’t be so happy posing with it. As for how it’s made: A few months ago Helen Avagyan was sitting at her house, chewing [...]

Chewing Gum is Bad For Your Brain

Gasp! My fourth grade teacher might’ve been right after all – chewing gum in class may actually be bad for you: … scientists at Cardiff University in Wales now find chewing gum can [...]

6 Helpful Things Schools Made You Stop Doing

I’m sure just about everyone reading this was yelled at at least once in school for chewing gum, doodling, day dreaming or fidgeting, but as it turns out, science says those behavoirs are actually beneficial to your ability to learn. Learn how over at Cracked. Link


CAPSLOCK Gum – $1.25 Are you constantly aggravated by e-mails, tweets, and status updates? You need a chewing gum that is intune with your inner most feelings. You need the CAPSLOCK Gum from the NeatoShop. This novelty gum quietly says what your insides are screaming, “Please don’t make me go all CAPS Lock on your ass.” Be [...]

Art From Used Chewing Gum

Most of us only think about chewing gum on the sidewalk when it sticks to our shoes, but if you live in North London, that gum stain on the sidewalk might just be a tiny masterpiece. Artist Ben Wilson has been turning nasty spots of used chewing gum into miniature paintings in the North London neighborhood [...]

Bleeding Tooth Fungus and Other Creepy Plants That Shouldn’t Exist

David Dietle wrote a highly entertaining post on Cracked about the 10 Creepy Plants That Shouldn’t Exist. The list starts off with a bang with this one: #10. Bleeding Tooth Fungus The bleeding tooth fungus looks kind of like a wad of chewing gum that leaks blood like a rejected prop from The Shining. They’re also called the [...]

Rev7 : Non Stick Chewing Gum

A non-stick chewing gum that dissolves within 24 hours went on sale yesterday.Rev7, which has been formulated by British scientists, has the same taste and texture as normal gum, but is water soluble.It can be removed easily from clothes using soap and water and tests show it can largely be cleared up by conventional street [...]

Problem with Close-Talking? Blame the Brain

Why is it so uncomfortable to stand really close to a stranger? Sure, there are the potentially icky things. Sometimes an elevator car is so crowded that you can smell a fellow rider’s shampoo or chewing gum (or worse). But even when a stranger is perfectly groomed, it’s usually a bit revolting to be pressed against him in public. [...]