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Chewbacca Star Wars Hooded Bathrobe

Chewbacca Star Wars Hooded Bathrobe (front and back shown) The holidays are here and we all know that traveling to galaxies far, far away can be exhausting. When it’s time to relax slip into your favorite Chewbacca Star Wars Hooded Bathrobe from the Neatoshop. This cozy robe with hood makes a perfect gift for a trusted, [...]

Wampa Plush Hat

Wampa Plush Hat – $19.95 Attention Star Wars fans! Are you looking for a way to get in touch with your inner tauntaun craving predatory animal? You need the Wampa Plush Hat from the NeatoShop. This fantastic hat features amazing embroidered details. The force is strong with this hat! Yoda Plush Hat, Leia Plush Hat, and Chewbacca [...]

Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars 2012

(YouTube link) The annual Star Wars weekend at Walt Disney World has come and gone, but the dance-off lives on at YouTube. This year, Chewbacca really got down to LMFAO. -via The Daily What Geek If you like this, wait until you see the grand finale, a medley of pop songs featuring more LMFAO and as many [...]

The Unseen Actors Inside Iconic Character Costumes

Have you ever wondered who’s inside the costume of your favorite character? From Big Bird to ALF to that dancing purple annoyance Barney, the identities of the actors inside have remained largely unknown, until you check out the gallery at Flavorwire and see for yourself who’s been acting in those costumes all these years. I’m sure [...]

Ackbar’s Trap bar

(YouTube link) If you remember the Cadbury ad campaign of 2007, then consider this a parody. If you don’t, well then it’s Chewbacca playing a Phil Collins song on drums, which is awesome enough, right? -Thanks, Nick!

In Its Defense, The Chewbacca Burger Is Accurate

(Video Link) The Darth Vader burger is black, so it makes sense that the Chewbacca burger is hairy. It may be unpleasant to eat, but it’s important that we stick to a faithful presentation of the Star Wars franchise. -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Hello Kitty R2-D2 Tattoo

As Chewbacca once put it “Grrraaaaawhh wahhr!” Combining these two characters increases their cuteness exponentially. Fashionably Geek reader Jodi chose her design well. Link | Previously: Hello Kitty Darth Vader Tattoo

Baby Wookiee Is Adorable and Creepy

Well, the good news is that this isn’t one of those dolls that pees. Although “I changed Chewbacca’s diaper” would make a great t-shirt, it’s probably not a good experience. eBay seller eyelovelucy makes realistic (as in semi-human looking) Han, Leia, Luke, and Chewy dolls. You need them to round out your action figure collection. Link -via [...]

Hockey Team Adopts Chewbacca as Mascot

If your team is going to have a mascot, it has to be one that connects with people. That’s why there was a movement by Ole Miss to adopt Admiral Ackbar. ‘Cause when you think of Mississippi, you naturally think of the Admiral. It’s a common association. And that brings us to hockey. What creatures to [...]

Photographic Proof of Leia’s Affair With Chewie

Sure Leia was always flirting with Han, but it was easy to see her eyes shooting longing looks of love over to Chewbacca, so it’s not all that surprising to see photographic evidence of their affair being made public all these years later. Link