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Fresh Air in a Can

When authorities don’t seem to be taking air pollution seriously, China’s billionaire Chen Guangbiao tried to raise awareness in a very unusual way: he’s selling canned of fresh air collected from remote regions of [...]

Man drinks gasoline for 42 years

Man drinks gasoline for 42 years Gasoline powers vehicles all around the world, but a sick Chinese man has been drinking the sticky liquid for 42 years under the illusion that it can relieve his physical pain. Chen Dejun, 71, lives by himself in shabby thatched cottage on a hill in Shuijiang township, Nanchuan district of southwest [...]

Why Do People Get Pruney Fingers after Being in the Water a Long Time?

We’ve previously featured some of the creative ideas of evolutionary neurobiologist Mark Changizi, including his explanations for optical illusions, human blushing, and his notion that hospitals could use skin-colored gowns to track patient health. Now Changizi is trying to explain why the surface of human fingers get pruney after prolonged exposure to the water. His hypothesis [...]

10 Things You Might Not Know about YouTube

Amy-May Elliot of Mashable dug up ten facts from the mysterious origins of YouTube, some of which may surprise you. Did you know that the video hosting site almost turned into a video version of Hot or Not? Legend has it that YouTube began life as a video dating site dubbed “Tune In Hook Up,” said [...]

Buddha Head Carved out of Phone Books

Long Bin-Chen, a New York-based artist originally from Taipei, sculpts books. He’s especially fond of depicting the Buddha, such as this sculpture made out of phone books. The artist explained that this is an effort to make the Buddha meaningful to the West: Since colonial times, Westerners have taken Buddha heads from the Buddha statues in [...]

Taiwan woman ‘marries’ herself

A Taiwanese woman said Sunday she had “married” herself by throwing a wedding banquet.The 30-year-old Chen Wei-yi, who has been an Internet sensation since announcing her “wedding” plans last month, held the ceremony in a Taipei hotel Saturday witnessed by 30 relatives and friends.”Marrying myself is a way of showing that I am confident and [...]

Woman Engaged to Marry Herself

Chen Wei-yih of Taiwan has found the right person to marry — herself. She’s spending $5,675 on a groom-less wedding that concludes with a honeymoon in Australia: “Age thirty is a prime period for me. My work and experience are in good shape, but I haven’t found a partner, so what can I do?” Chen said. “It’s [...]

Chinese Daycare: Toddler Chained to a Tree!

Rickshaw cyclist Chen Chuanliu can’t afford daycare so he has to think of a way to prevent his 2-year-old son from wandering off on his own when he has a fare. His solution? Chain him up on a pole! The rickshaw cyclist, from the Chinese capital Beijing, decided to put tot Lao Lu under lock and key [...]

Carbon Crystals in Meteorite Harder than Diamond

Scientists have discovered carbon crystals inside a meteorite that crashed in Finland that are harder than naturally-occurring diamonds. The re-entry impact and heat are probably responsible for this unusual formation: The researchers were polishing a slice of the carbon-rich Havero meteorite that fell to Earth in Finland in 1971. When they then studied the polished surface [...]

Correlation Found Between Sense of Smell and Emotional Sensitivity

Matt Kaplan writes in National Geographic about a new study that suggests a link between a person’s olfactory sensitivity and awareness of the emotions of other people. Denise Chen of Rice University in Texas led the research process: Women have a more uniform sense of smell than men, and are also thought to be more sensitive [...]