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The folks in the chemistry lab at Avans University of Applied Sciences have the Christmas spirit! Not only appropriate, but a fine example of making do with what you have. Link

The Nobel Winners Who Foiled the Führer

As the Nazis swallowed Europe, two scientists fought back with the only weapon they had: chemistry. Getty Images When the Third Reich took control of Germany, Danish physicist Niels Bohr (pictured) transformed into something like Oskar Schindler in a lab coat. From his Institute for Theoretical Physics in Copenhagen, the Nobel laureate aided and protected Jewish scientists, [...]

Breakbad Mountain

(YouTube link) Creative editing once again takes a story out of context and makes into something completely different. In this case, the TV show Breaking Bad become a tender love story -between Walt and Jesse. You could say they have “chemistry.”  -via Buzzfeed

Breaking Batman

(YouTube link) Looks like the Dark Knight is dabbling in some illegal chemistry! This mashup of Breaking Bad and the many Batman movies works disturbingly well. Oh, and if you haven’t kept up with the series so far, this contains some Breaking Bad spoilers. -via The Daily What Geek

LEGO Meth Lab

Walter and Jesse from Breaking Bad have work to do, but it’s going to prove really hard to turn plastic into meth. The mysteries of chemistry must deliver them if they wish to live. A friend of redditor garyisyoudotcom made this wonderful LEGO diorama. Link -via Popped Culture

The Late Movies: Elemental Music

Dd you learn the elements of the periodic table by singing a song? It’s quite common these days. Me? I never learned the elements at all! Here are some songs about elements, the periodic table, and one about safety in the chemistry lab at the end, because that’s important, too. The Element Song Tom Lehrer sings the [...]

The Best of The Chemistry Cat Meme

While I love LOL Cats, I don’t post them on Neatorama all too often because I know some people aren’t big fans. That being said, when the meme was combined with terrible chemistry puns, I couldn’t resist sharing with all of you. Link

Chemistry Set with No Chemicals

You have to wonder about the culture that creates a market for a toy like this. If you are afraid of your children using chemicals, why would you be interested in a chemistry set at all? Link -via The Daily What

Better Drinking Through Chemistry

What good is all those fancy chemistry lab equipments if you can’t benefit humanity, say by improving our cocktails? Analytic chemist Neil Da Costa decided to dissect the chemistry behind making the perfect Bloody Mary: With gas and liquid chromatography, Da Costa isolated the wide variety of compounds that give the bloody mary its unique flavor. [...]

A Day Without Chemistry

(YouTube link) The American Chemical Society produced the video A Day Without Chemistry to raise awareness of the many ways we depend on chemistry in our daily lives. The International Year of Chemistry (IYC) officially begins on February 1st. The 63rd General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed 2011 as the International Year of Chemistry, envisioning a [...]