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Top Chef Season 10 Kick Off

There is a time, every few months, that is filled with magic. A time of incredible excitement, of jolly, and of mesmerizing personality. My friends, Top Chef is back! Season 10 starts off with just as much promise as any past season. The judges are back (even young Uni-Monster Hugh Acheson), the location is set [...]

How to Flip Food

(YouTube link) Chef Jon of Food Wishes tells us the secret of looking like a competent chef, even if you aren’t. Don’t let my kids see this video, they’ll be flipping food all over the kitchen practicing this! Link -via Viral Viral Videos 

But I Wanted Showdare!

Maybe it’s just me, but I want to know if they taste different depending on how the chef pronounces them. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

Cookbook Ghostwriters

In this age of the celebrity chef, recipes and cookbooks are cranked out constantly, at a pace no single chef can keep up with. So they have a retinue of cooks, writers, and other support staff who work behind the scenes. Julia Moskin writes about what it’s like to stay in the shadows, and talks [...]

Yo Dawg, I Herd You Like Cannoli

The boss of foodblogger and chef Michael Richardson wanted to present his cannoli in an eye-catching manner, so he asked an Italian bakery to make giant cannolo tubes. The next obvious step would be place each assembly inside even larger tubes. Link -via Tasteologie

5 Questions: What’s Cook-ing?

You don’t have to be a chef to enjoy today’s multiple-choice 5 Questions quiz: What’s Cook-ing?

Chocolate Covered Deep Fried Triple Double Oreos

Nick of Dude Foods has made Oreos even more Oreawesome! He took triple stacked double Oreos and dipped them in chocolate. Then, like any sensible chef, he deep fried them. Because anything can be deep friend and therefore, logically, everything should be deep fried. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Made of Vegetables, Yoda Is

And you thought carrot Darth Vader was impressive – check out the rest of Chef Okitsugu Kado’s creations. Using white radish, sweet potato, pumpkin and more, the sushi chef has created everything from an AT-AT Walker to Yoda. And here I was all pleased with myself for making Star Wars pancakes a few weeks ago… Link [...]

Darth Vader Carrot

Japanese sushi chef Oki showed us his latest creation, Darth Vader made out of carrots! Never has the Sith Lord looked so yummily crunchy: Link – via Between the Pages

OCD Chef Cutting Board

OCD Chef Cutting Board – $24.95 Are you a little OCD in the kitchen? You need the OCD Chef Cutting Board from the NeatoShop. Don’t worry, being a little OCD in the kitchen isn’t really a bad thing. Cutting everything up exactly the same size means it all cooks more evenly. Your neurosis actually makes you a [...]