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If bands were sandwiches, they would have some interesting ingredients. AC/DC: Beer-battered kangaroo sausage, sliced hard-boiled egg, low-calorie port cheese, Dutch crunch. The Pogues: Gin-fed lamb, whiskey-marinated turkey, beer-braised pork shoulder, mustard, soda bread. Van Halen: Grilled 17-cheese sandwich on white bread; side of nacho cheese soup. Ted Nugent: Cubed Grizzly bear, white buffalo brisket, unicorn haunch, Jim Beam [...]

Apparently You Can Fry an Egg in a Waffle Iron

I had no idea, but now I must try it! Jessica Segarra made a croque madame, which is a grilled ham and Swiss cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top. She cooked it with the waffle iron open so that the yolk wouldn’t break. After three attempts, she was successful. Link -via Craft