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The Missing Links: Building a Helicopter Out of Trash

The Original Sin City Las Vegas from way before the Strip. (While these pictures are fine, other parts of this site may be NSFW.) * Parachuting Off the Eiffel Tower Has Always Been A Bad Idea It is today. And it definitely was in 1912. * The Game of Kings. Slimy, Cheating Kings. Apparently, cheating at chess is [...]

Cheating Scandal in a Harvard Government Class

A cheating scandal has rocked the venerated Harvard University: Harvard University is investigating allegations that almost half the students in an undergraduate class last spring may have plagiarized or "inappropriately collaborated" on [...]

Student Caught with 35 ft-long Cheat Sheet

There’s cheating, and then there’s this Borat-style stunt from a student in Kazakhstan: A high school student has been expelled after being caught with a 35ft (11 metres) long crib sheet wrapped around his body [...]

Was It Really Cheating?

(Video Link) Professor Richard Quinn of the University of Central Florida recently discovered that 200 students in a class of 600 cheated on a test. They got a copy of the publisher’s testbank and studied from it. Now some students are objecting to Quinn’s accusation, arguing that what they did doesn’t constitute cheating. At TechDirt, Mike [...]

Using Yahoo Answers To Cheat Doesn’t Always Work

Note to cheating students: teachers aren’t as naive or as technologically illiterate as you think they are. Link via Geekologie