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5 Questions: Cut to the ‘Chase’

Friday’s 5 Questions quiz just can’t wait for the weekend to arrive: Cut to the ‘Chase’

Man’s True Love is a Car

A lot of guys love their cars, but one man has found true love in his cherry red 1998 Monte Carlo. And by "love," I mean the kissing, romantic kind. From TLC’s TV Series My [...]

Man Harasses Crab, Gets What’s Coming to Him

(Video Link) Don’t chase crabs. You might catch one. And then he might catch you. -via Geekosystem

Banks with Too Much Cash Charge for Deposits

It seems an odd problem to have, this “too much cash” thing. I don’t know that most of us can relate. But it seems that in times of economic insecurity, those who used to invest in stocks are simply holding their money in banks, and now bankers are inundated with money. So what’s the solution? [...]

Summation of a Typical Facebook Argument

Chase Mitchell has pretty much nailed it in this piece, right down to the appropriate profile pictures. Read the rest at the link. Link -via QA Hates You

Las Vegas to Salt Lake City in 3 Minutes

Director Chase Heavener drove from Las Vegas, Nevada to Salt Lake City, Utah, recording time-lapse video along the way. This is the fastest drive you’ll ever take; stick around for at least the 1:30 mark, when stuff gets crazy-zippy. My favorite section is around the two-minute mark when we see the road zipping by and [...]

Boy without a cerebellum baffles doctors

Chase Britton is defying all odds due to the fact that he doesn’t appear to have a cerebellum. In a story that defies all medical odds and will likely…

Fox Hunting – the New "Most Dangerous Game" ?

The title refers not to the report earlier this week of a fox shooting a hunter, but to an announcement that some hunting clubs in England have replaced the traditional quarry with… humans. And although he started the day nursing a sore knee, 54-year-old Andy Kay and his fellow runners are putting up a fine chase, [...]

Turkeys Chase a Laser Dot

(YouTube link) You’ve seen cats chase a laser light, in real life or in videos. Turkeys will chase one, too, as long as they have appropriate music to accompany them! (via Cynical-C)

Excellent Chase Scene/Commercial

(Video Link) This clever two-minute advertisement for the computer company Intel shows a beautiful and deadly secret agent on the run from her enemies. They chase her through many windows for a wide variety of computer applications scrolling across a computer screen. The film, entitled “The Chase”, was directed by Venables Bell and shot in Prague. Link [...]