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Mad Monks & Bullet-Proof Corsets

The story of the Romanov family seems tailor-made for Hollywood (and Hollywood has embraced it, many times) with fabulous wealth and power, war and revolution, personal heartaches, conflicts, romance, deception, and action -including chase scenes. Parts of their history would be considered too unbelievable if it were presented as fiction. For example, the Russian royal [...]

The Police Are Hot on Your Heels

File under feel-good law enforcement post of the day- these fantastic high heeled shoes. Design by Tim Cooper, also available in Lamborghini for fun chase scenes. Link

Benny Hill Riddim

If you are a fan of Benny Hill, or more accurately, of the song Yakety Sax by Boots Randolph, you’ll enjoy listening to a collection of Jamaican dancehall remixes. Some add interesting dance beats, some add lyrics, and some are just plain silly. If you are like me, any of these will make you think [...]