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11 Shameless Comic Book Ads That Cost Us Our Allowance Money

If today’s Generation Y and Z-ers accuse us Baby Boomers of being cynical and distrustful, well, I for one blame it all on comic books. How many of us who grew up in the 1960s and early ’70s were lured by those enticing ads promising everything from X-Ray vision to frolicking, crown-wearing sea monkey pets [...]

The Easiest Way to be Tough is to Look Tough

Wimps, listen up! There’s an easy way to make yourself look tougher without all the hassle of pumping iron and all that Charles Atlas nonsense. Just listen to your mom and stop slouching: Mothers have been telling their children to stop slouching for ages. It turns out that mom was onto something and that poor posture [...]

Vintage Bodybuilding Ads of Yesteryear

If you are of a certain age and male then you will remember these ads… in just a few minutes a day you could turn yourself from wimp to He-Man. These adverts nowadays seem somewhat unsophisticated but they must have worked because they ran them for years and years. And years.From the article In the comics [...]