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Fictional Character Birthday Calendar

Taking a look at the Fictional Character Birthday Calendar, I see that I share a birthday with Scott Pilgrim, who was born in 1981. Maybe I should see that movie. The calendar at Flavorwire has birthdays of your favorite movie, TV, comic book, literature, and game characters on each day of the year -and you [...]

Cosplay Samara is Eerily Accurate

Cosplay goes meta! The woman under this wonderful rendering of the character Samara from the game Mass Effect is actually the model that was used when the character was originally designed. Read more about her at Unreality magazine. Link

Retro Batman Trading Card Art

The artwork from the 1966 Batman trading card set is so delightfully retro, with simpler character designs, hand painted panels, and less stylized versions of your fav villains, that I hope modern artists and designers take note when going for that retro look in their own artwork. It’s not all about warm and tacky color schemes, [...]

The Unseen Actors Inside Iconic Character Costumes

Have you ever wondered who’s inside the costume of your favorite character? From Big Bird to ALF to that dancing purple annoyance Barney, the identities of the actors inside have remained largely unknown, until you check out the gallery at Flavorwire and see for yourself who’s been acting in those costumes all these years. I’m sure [...]

What If Batman: Arkham City Took Place In Springfield?

Every pop culture character looks funnier when they’re Simpsonized! Awesome toon creator Dean Fraser has taken on the video game Batman:Arkham City via his Springfield Punx blog, where stiff upper lips and yellow skin abound. Please note that Dean’s illustrations start about halfway down the page linked to below; the drawings on the upper half are [...]

Star Wars: Empire Of The Bat

Batman and Star Wars would be a pretty sweet crossover, with Batman battling the Imperial Army forces while trying to contain his own dark side. But this fan art mashup by Dean Fraser contains concepts I find a bit strange, like the fact that the Joker is the Emperor and is therefore Batman’s superior, or Nightwing [...]

Ron Swanson and Ernest Hemingway: Separated at Birth?

How does your favorite TV character stack up against their literary counterpart? Flavorwire did 10 fantasy pairings of such characters, and came up with some insights into their "wildly similar" personalities. Take, for instance, Ron Swanson of Parks and Recreation and [...]

16 Bit Re-Designs Of Pop Culture Icons

These 16 bit character re-designs have so much personality, and were clearly inspired by the character designs in Super Mario Bros. 3, which only adds to their charm. They were created by Jesus Castaneda, and you can see his take on lots more pop culture icons, such as Doctor Who, Boba Fett Harry Potter and the [...]

Superheroes And Their Alter Egos

These cool graphic illustrations with a cutaway look show the differences, and similarities, between superheroes and their alter egos. The simplistic character designs not only illustrate the importance of silhouette in character recognition, they’re also a pleasure to look at! Link –via BuzzFeed

The Ultimate Geek Tattoo

We’ve featured tons of geeky tattoos before, but never has one incorporated so many references in one delightful character design. Can you name them all? Link