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The Avengers Drawn Tim Burton Style

What would The Avengers look like if Tim Burton had drawn them? Well, they would be very lanky, of course, and a bit rough around the edges. They’d all have big ol’ eyes and a pointy chin, and feet so tiny it’s amazing they can stand up at all! Tim Burton inspired versions of The Avengers brought to [...]

Retro Batman Trading Card Art

The artwork from the 1966 Batman trading card set is so delightfully retro, with simpler character designs, hand painted panels, and less stylized versions of your fav villains, that I hope modern artists and designers take note when going for that retro look in their own artwork. It’s not all about warm and tacky color schemes, [...]

OMFG Mini Figures Channel The Power of MUSCLE

As a kid growing up in the 1980s, I loved me some M.U.S.C.L.E. Men toys! These kooky little mini figures were superbly sculpted, featured some far out character designs, and they were the perfect size to launch from a slingshot. Now, twenty odd years later,  October Toys’ has released a new line called “OMFG Mini Figures” [...]

Ralph Steadman’s Vision Of Wonderland

Self proclaimed Gonzo Illustrator Ralph Steadman decided to take on Alice in Wonderland in 1967, and he brought his usual flair for warped character designs and messy style to Alice’s fantastic world. The oddity of Steadman’s style seems like normalcy when related to Wonderland. There’s a great gallery of images at the article link below, including [...]

Superheroes And Their Alter Egos

These cool graphic illustrations with a cutaway look show the differences, and similarities, between superheroes and their alter egos. The simplistic character designs not only illustrate the importance of silhouette in character recognition, they’re also a pleasure to look at! Link –via BuzzFeed