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Get Crap Done Pen

Get Crap Done Pen – $13.95 You are responsible. You are determined. You are drowning in work. Get motivated and tackle your overwhelmingly large To-Do list with the Get Crap Done pen from the NeatoShop.  This hilarious pen comes printed with the text “Get Crap Done.” The box includes additional motivational texts like: Mightier Than Chaos Show The [...]

Tattoo Parlor Ad on Calfskin

For edgy tattoo studio Chaos Crew, a poster just won’t do. For its ad campaign, the Bavarian tattoo artists opted to tattoo the most important events of 2011 on a calfskin. Get Addicted To blog has the post and video clip: [...]

Dogs 101

If you have a dog, you already know this stuff, but otherwise it is richly informative. Comic by A. Stiffler of Chaos Life -and it’s available on a print. Link -via Blame It On The Voices

Augmented Reality Tattoo

cranberryzero of I Heart Chaos just got inked, and his tattoo has a special feature. It can be scanned by augmented reality readers to produce an image from a Nintendo 3DS game. You can see a video of it rendering at the link. Link via CrunchGear | Photos: I Heart Chaos Previously: Augmented Reality Cookies

Berlin suffers wild boar invasion

Berlin is being plagued by large numbers of wild boar roaming the streets and causing chaos. Wandering around on the roads, rummaging through garbage …

The Batman Complex

(YouTube link) It’s a fan-made trailer is composed of edits from Christian Bale movies that altogether makes Bruce Wayne look like even more of a paranoid schizophrenic than he is normally portrayed as. -via I Heart Chaos

Will Super Moon cause widespread disaster ?

Richard Nolle claims that on the moon’s closest approach on March 19th chaos will ensue. Referring to the event as an “extreme supermoon” Nolle believ…

The Chaos

The Chaos is a poem often used to demonstrate how difficult it is to pronounce words in English, as the spelling and pronunciation varies so. It was written by Dr. Gerard Nolst Trenité, who first published it in 1909, then revised and lengthened it several times before his death in 1946. More lines were added [...]

Exploiting Chaos – New Book by TrendHunter’s Jeremy Gutsche

Our pal Jeremy Gutsche, the founder of TrendHunter Magazine – one of the neatest websites around, by the way – has an interesting new book titled Exploiting Chaos: 150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change. Perhaps you’ve heard the saying popularized by John F. Kennedy that the Chinese word for crisis is composed of [...]