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The Missing Links: What Would You Ask Bayside’s Mr. Belding?

The Perfect Office Chair Is Out There Right? It must be. Here’s why we haven’t found it. * How Do You Get Robots To Dance In Unison to the Song Thriller? One word: Bacteria. Why didn’t I think of that? * Proof That Even Really Old Drama Sells This week a History Channel miniseries based on the famous Hatfield-McCoy rivalry became the [...]

On Sticking Your Arm Into an Underwater Cavern and Hoping a Catfish Bites You

Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters/Landov Lincoln Sadler eyes one of his favorite fishing spots, Great Rock, from a distance but times his approach around an oncoming boat so as not to reveal the rock’s secret location. He has already hiked two-miles in the boiling heat of an August North Carolina day followed by two miles of swimming and wading [...]

The Traveling Lakes of Antarctica

When Douglas MacAyeal at the University of Chicago gave undergraduate science interns the boring task of digitizing satellite photos of Antarctic lakes, little did he know that he would stumble upon a neat geographical [...]

Making Money from YouTube

Yesterday’s post about YouTube elicited some interesting comments and e-mails in my inbox… people wondering how one can make money by uploading videos to YouTube. As I wrote yesterday, more than 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. So your chances of cutting through the noise aren’t good at all. That said, [...]

Waterspouts at Close Range

(Video Link) The sky gods are angry at Australia! Several waterspouts were seen off the coast of New South Wales, and a news camera crew got very close to them: The video, taken from a helicopter by Australia’s Channel 7, showed several powerful columns of swirling air blasting along the water’s surface near the coastline. Channel Seven says [...]

Miniature Versions of TV Shows

The Belgian television channel Prime commissioned miniature sets for major American shows, including Mad Men, Lost, Deadwood, and Six Feet Under. It’s simple, but quite visually effective. Warning: the video at the link compiling them is NSFW. Link (Google Translate) via NotCot

New "Scratched Glasses" Give Perfect Vision

Bifocals and trifocals allow people with limited vision to see objects at varying distances, but only by refocusing on the object from a different vantage. A scientist named Zeev Zalevsky responded to this problem by developing a lens that allows the user to focus on any distance out from 33 centimeters: It involves engraving the surface [...]

Terminally-ill volunteer for TV mummification

Channel 4 in the UK is looking for a terminally-ill volunteer to be mummified in a new television documentary. The channel has been the subject of som…