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Doctor Who Script Found, No Spoilers Leaked

How many of us would love a chance to read a script from a future episode of our favorite TV show? What if you found the chance in the back of a taxi? What would you do? A student in Cardiff got the chance to peek at an unaired Doctor Who script, but decided not [...]

15 Crazy Hangover Cures from Around the World

There’s a good chance a few of you have a hangover this morning. If your standby Alka-Selzer-and-cheeseburger remedy isn’t doing it for you, you’ll be happy to know that there are other options. Well, you’ll be happy until you see them. (Sorry in advance for that rabbit-poop tea.) Link -via NerdBastards | Photo

Pokémon Cars

If you want to play while on the road, now’s your chance. The Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy and Toyota are giving away three Pokémon-decorated cars, one of which looks like Oshawott and another like Pikachu. Link (Google Translate) -via Kotaku

Does Bigfoot live in the Russian tundra ?

An international team of experts has concluded that there is a 95% chance of the creature’s existence. Consisting of experts from as far afield as Can…

This Might Be The Cutuest Baby Seal On Earth

Don’t miss the chance to head over to Cute Overload where you can check out an incredible close up, showing his precious heart-shaped nose. Link

5 Questions: Chess

Don’t pawn off your chance to ace today’s 5 Questions quiz: Chess

Reader-Submitted Quiz Week Returns!

Here’s your chance at 15 minutes of fame! All next week, we’ll be running reader-submitted name-x-in-y-minutes quizzes. Think you’ve got a great idea for a name-x-in-y-minutes quiz? Submit it by the end of Friday (12/2) in the comments below or by e-mailing me at If we use your idea, we’ll send you the mental_floss t-shirt of [...]

The 15 Cutest Geeky Baby Costumes

On Halloween, we get the chance to involve our sweet little children in our geekiest cosplay fantasies. Or we can just enjoy other people’s children, dressed in the geekiest trick-or-treat costumes ever! See dozens of the most adorable geek baby Halloween costumes at NeatoBambino. This child may not have even been born when the movie [...]

People soon to be on loan at ‘human library’

A new library is being devised in which people can be “checked out” to discuss their own experiences. The idea behind it is to give people the chance …

Well preserved 700-year-old mummy found

A well-preserved female mummy was discovered entirely by chance by Chinese road workers. The woman’s body was found clothed in traditional costume fro…