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Hubcap Christmas Tree

Hubcap trees are, of course, a pre-Christian pagan tradition from Europe. But they remain popular symbols of Christmas to this day. Champion Auto Sales in Arundel, Maine participated in the ancient tradition by erecting this one. Link -via Dude Craft | Photo: Champion Auto Sales

Transformers Pistol

Competitive shooting champion Rico Gonzalez Papa owns this magnificent modified handgun. He calls it the “Modified Megatron.” I doubt that it transforms into something more awesome than its current form, for such a thing is not possible. Link -via Sharp as a Marble | Photo: Rico Gonzalez Papa Special thanks to Paul Erhardt for helping me find [...]

Boxing champion to seek Russian Yeti

Former heavyweight boxing champion Nikolai Valuev is to mount an expedition in search of the creature. Sightings of a strange hominid creature known a…

Stupid Human Trick: Bite the Bag

(YouTube link) Sigh. I don’t really know what to say about this, so I’ll just leave the rules here. RULES 1) Got to pick up the bag with your mouth standing on 1 foot. 2) You can use whatever foot you would like and you can change up the foot you stand on. 3) Each bag height you have 3 [...]

Winner of Beard Competition Has the Norwegian Flag and a Moose on His Face

Elmar Weiss, a longtime beard champion, has once again captured the world title for best beard. Since the competition was held in Norway, he sculpted his long beard into a Norwegian flag and a moose. In 2005 he won with with a beard styled into the shape of Berlin’s Brandenberg Gate, and in 2007 with a [...]

One-Legged Wrestler is a National Champion

Anthony Robles of Arizona State University was born with only one leg, but that didn’t stop him from becoming the national champion in his weight class last night: Born with one leg, Robles took the 125-pound title Saturday night with a 7-1 win over defending champion Matt McDonough of Iowa. Robles’ three-day performance here earned him [...]

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali

DC Comics published one of the strangest comic books ever, Superman vs. Muhammad Ali in 1978 and reissued it last month. NPR’s Glen Weldon interviewed journalist Chris Klimek about the matchup of the century. Here’s the setup: No sooner does reporter Clark Kent stumble across Muhammad Ali shooting hoops in Metropolis’ “inner city ghetto” than an [...]

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali: Who Ya Got?

DC Comics has decided to reissue what must be one of the strangest comic book events of all time – an issue centered on a boxing match pitting the man who floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee against the Man of Steel. The interesting premise behind 1978′s Superman vs. Muhammad Ali is explained [...]

Taig Khris jump skater breaks world record

EXTREME in-line skating champion Taig Khris set a new world freefall record of 12.5 metres in France when he launched himself off the Eiffel Tower onto a ramp.Thousands of people turned out to see a skater dive from the first floor of the Eiffel tower into a huge quarter pipe.Taig Khris, an X-Games champion, launched [...]