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Job Swapping Changes Honeybee DNA

Honeybees in a hive have fairly identical genes. The queen is the mother, a very few drones are the fathers, and those drones are closely related to each other anyway. But “epigenetic” changes in the DNA, those that switch genes on or off chemically, differ among bees that do different jobs. And bees can change [...]

Smart Fingertips Let Us Feel Virtual Sensations

Move over smartphones, nanotechnology researchers are developing "smart fingertips" which could let us feel virtual sensations: Imagine feeling like you’re lifting a 50-kilogram weight just by pulling at thin air. That’s just one [...]

6 David & Goliath Trademark Disputes

Every businessperson would agree that trademark infringement is a serious issue. But when a multi-million dollar corporation goes after a mom-and-pop store, you can’t help but root for the underdog. Most of the time, David doesn’t stand a chance against a Goliath of the industry, but here are a handful of cases where the little [...]

Researchers Develop Artificial Tongue

Photo: Kenneth Suslick Chemists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have developed a testing implement that mimics the way human taste buds detect sweetness: A computer compares scans of the array of dots before and after the paper is wetted with an eyedropper full of liquid. After running dozens of samples of mystery artificial sweeteners dissolved [...]