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Is there a Super Volcano in Italy ?

Scientists are planning to drill down near Naples to determine if a huge magma chamber exists there. Volcanologists suspect that Italy could be the si…

The Quietest Place on Earth Can Drive You Mad in Less Than an Hour

Photo: Steven Orfield/Orfield Labs If you think that loud noises drive you mad, try this quiet room for a change. The anechoic chamber at Orfield Laboratories in South Minneapolis, certified as the world’s quietest [...]

Bluegrass on Traditional Chinese Instruments

(Video Link) Here’s a video of The Jaybirds, a bluegrass group, and Red Chamber, a Chinese string ensemble, playing bluegrass music. The members of Red Chamber are performing their contributions on several Chinese instruments: a liuqin, a pipa, a sanxian, and a ruan. -via MetaFilter | Red Chamber | The Jaybirds (auto-sound)

Annual Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival for Sale

The Nederland, Colorado, Chamber of Commerce has been staging the Frozen Dead Guy Days annually for ten years. The name comes from the corpse of Bredo Morstoel, who died in 1989 and has been stored in dry ice in the area since 1993. The festival, which attracted 15,000 people this year, includes a coffin race, [...]

Robot enters secret pyramid chamber

Markings in a tiny chamber of the Great Pyramid have been seen for the first time in 4,500 years. What lies within the mysterious shafts has been a to…

The Eighteen Layers of Chinese Hell

Some Chinese legends say that hell, or diyu, is an unground maze with 18 levels and various chambers in which one must pay for the sins of their life. Wouldn’t that make a great video game? They are quite frightening- there’s the chamber of tongue ripping (shown), the chamber of steamer, the mountain of knives, [...]

How Hard Is it to Dissolve a Body?

During the Sicilian Mafia wars of the early 1980s, residents of Palermo feared the “white shotgun” or lupara bianca—a murder where the body disappears. If one offended the Corleonesi (a cartel from Corelone, a real place made famous by the fictional Godfather movies), hit man Filippo Marchese would lure the offender to the chamber of [...]

Secret Chambers and Hidden Passageways, Built to Order

Need a secret chamber in your house? Maybe a bookshelf that slides open to reveal a speakeasy-style bar or a collection of stolen art? How about a staircase that rises up to become an entrance to a children’s play-room? Creative Home Engineering can make it happen. They also specialize in bullet-proof panic rooms, just in [...]

Medical Researchers Working on Regrowing Breast Tissue after Mastectomy

Scientists at the Bernard O’Brien Institute of Microsurgery in Melbourne, Australia, are developing an implantable device that they hope will regenerate lost breast tissue. In The Daily Telegraph, Bonnie Malkin writes: During the world-first trial surgeons will implant a chamber containing a sample of the woman’s fat tissue into the chest, which will act a “scaffolding” [...]