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Swing Table

This chairs in dining room table set by Duffy London are suspended by cables from an upper frame: This design creates an exceptionally divergent dining experience and aesthetic, creating a room within a room, with chairs that hover around the table, it also makes vacuuming a breeze. It cost about $4,680 when the price is converted to [...]

Personality Socks

Socks for your chairs? Yes, and they make your chair look like any of several stereotypes based on the style of socks. Get them in argyle (male or female colors), sporty, or striped. Your chairs will never get cold feet again! Link -via J-Walk Blog

Growing Chairs

Amazing 1900’s green creativity from John Krubsack who decided to grow chairs! It took him eleven years to bend and graft stems and brances of  elder trees into the shape of a chair before it was ready for ‘harvesting’. Krubsack is said to have said the chair was ‘cemented by nature’. Link – via cakeheadlovesevil From the Upcoming [...]

Sit Up Straight!

Your mother always urged you to sit up straight, and you should have listened to her. A study by researchers from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain and Ohio State University finds that sitting up straight makes you feel more confident about yourself. 71 students were given a reason to either sit up straight [...]