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Perfect for Desk Jockeys: The Aviator Desk

This desk and chair from Restoration Hardware is designed to reflect the textures and shapes of World War II aircraft. The aluminum surface has been dinged and scratched a bit to give the impression that the desk has spent a few hundred hours in the air. Link -via Jay Mug

Plastic Chairs at Play

Can you spare a lift to a chair who’s down on his luck? This plastic chair is one of many partially melted and reshaped by Bert Loeschner. With small alternations, he has anthropomorphized them into creatures that play, work and love. Link -via Junkculture

Push This Chair Over to Convert It into a Bed

Depending on its position, Yuan Yuan’s chair is either a rocking chair, a recliner or an upright chair. She calls it The Cloud House because it “depicts man in his dream and creates a semi-open and comfortable space for relaxation.” Link -via NotCot

Sensory Deprivation Skull Chair

Ever wished you could just shut out the world in a skull-shaped sensory deprivation chair, with cozy sheepskin (girl, unfortunately, not included)? What a silly question. Of course you do! That’s why Joep van Lieshout of [...]

Too Big to Fail: The Murderer Who Tried to Eat His Way Off Death Row

Getty Images In the early 1950s, Donald Snyder was serving time in New York’s Green Haven Correctional Facility for auto theft. He escaped, but police were almost immediately on his trail. Snyder decided he would take a hostage that he could use to bargain his way out of going back to jail, and he kidnapped a [...]

Chair Covered In Eyeballs Is The Scariest Seat In The House

This frightening, eyeball laden chair was created by artist Fiona Roberts, and it won’t stop staring at you until somebody sits on it! She calls this piece “Scopophilia”, which means the love of looking, but if you look at it too long you’ll swear that some of those eyes are blinking, and others seem to be [...]

A Chair Designed to Make Horror Movies Scarier

If you’d like to be even more terrified at horror movies, researchers at Japan’s University of Electro-Communications have just the right chair for you. The Chilly Chair will, on command, send mild electrical charges through you–just enough to raise your hair. The premise is that emotions are responses to physical changes, so changing a person’s [...]

Don’t Slip Kitty

(Video Link) It’s a good thing this chair is so sturdy or this confused little kitty could have taken a naughty spill -after all, even if he landed on his feet, there’s a good chance the chair would have landed on him. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Banana Chair

I, for one, fine the Banana Chair by Polish design studio WamHouse very a-peel-ing. Hah! Technabob has more pics: Link

Sculptural Chairs Made Out Of Recycled Junk

These chair sculptures by artist Jay Sae Jung Oh are both fun to look at and functional, and would make for one impressive place to park your keister after a long day at the old sawmill. They are constructed out of trashy junk and refuse, which is assembled into an interesting shape then covered with a [...]