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Star Wars Cupcakes with Edible LEGO Minifigs

Strictly speaking, LEGO minifigs are already edible — just not digestible. Cake Central member Andytibaby solved that problem by making her minifigs out of what appears to be fondant. Link -via Bit Rebels

Comic-Con Bingo

Those of you lucky enough to be at Comic-Con right now (I’m looking at you, Jill Harness) should not have time to be bored. But if you are, Comedy Central has a great solution for you – Comic-Con Bingo. Even if you play blackout, it should take approximately two minutes to complete. Link via Flavorwire

Underwater Atomic Explosion Swamps Ship

(YouTube Link) A (presumably) abandoned ship near a US nuclear test is swamped by the resulting massive wave. The video is courtesy of Atomic Central, a site filled with pictures, videos, and information about nuclear weapons. via Urlesque | Atomic Central