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Apache helicopter drops missile over Texas

A military chopper accidentally dropped a training missile near the town of Killeen in central Texas. Up to 100 homes had to be evacuated but luckily …

10 Places With Strange Names (and How They Got Them)

What’s in a (bizarre) name? Here are ten strangely named places and the stories, legends and theories about their origins. 1. Santa Claus, Indiana In 1854, a group of pioneers settled in southwest Indiana and established a small town called Santa Fe. But when they applied to get a post office two years later, they were turned [...]

Beautiful Waterfalls of Texas

Texas – not quite the place that first springs to mind when you think of waterfalls. Hoever, there are plenty of them to be found in this State of the US. Joe Dorish, who is something of a waterfall expert, gives us the guided tour. From the article: Who would have guessed that such a luscious green [...]