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Pasta Art

Given the right noodles and enough time, Sergey Pakhomov can build anything out of pasta: Sergey made his first pasta car five years ago. “It all started with my work on an advertising campaign for a macaroni making factory. The campaign developed into a hobby,” he said. It took the man three years to build his pasta town. Link [...]

Knight Rides across Canada to Promote Chivalry

Vincent Gabriel Kirouac of Quebec recently arrived in Saskatchewan on horseback and in armor. He doesn’t hold an official knighthood, but he is making his knightly journey across Canada to promote chivalrous conduct: He said he believes it is possible for people to behave with chivalry, even in hectic times. Kirouac insists he has not only donned [...]

Professional Snuggler Will Cuddle for Money

Jacqueline Samuel’s business, dubbed The Snuggery, is the best place to go for a good cuddle: Jackie started thinking about a business centered around cuddling at the start of grad school, and says she and her sisters even tried selling hugs on the street for $1 each, making up to $80 per day. And although she [...]

Wedding Dress Made from 250 Meters of Hair

A lady wants her hair to look just right on her big day. Every strand must stay in place. In this case, that’s about two hundred pounds worth. This wedding dress is made of a massive quantity of human hair. It was created by Thelma Madine and Ryan Edwards for the Alternative Miss Liverpool competition [...]

Turning Human Ashes into Beads

South Korea is a densely-populated nation, and so has diminishing room for appropriate places to bury the dead. A law passed a decade ago even requires people to exhume loved ones within sixty years of burial. Cremation has thus become increasingly popular, and one company has responded to this change by offering to turn human [...]

Edible Licorice Pencil

You may be most familiar with licorice as a food flavor, but it’s also a plant. Italian designer Cecilia Felli realized that it could provide a tasty alternative for people who like to chew on pencils. So chow down! Link -via Oddity Central | Photo: Foodiction

Shaving with a Shovel

Oh, you think that shaving with a straight razor is hardcore? Don’t tell that to Alexander Karpenko, a Russian professor who has been shaving with shovels since he was 16. While he was growing up, his grandfather, a veteran of World War II, told him that it could be done. So Karpenko tried it with [...]