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Save the words: a campaign to keep endangered words from going extinct

There are around 60,000 words in the English language, but today almost everything we say and write is communicated using only about 7,000 of them. Every year, hundreds of underused and forgotten words are dropped from the dictionary. Once hard-working and meaningful words are dying a death of lonely neglect just because we choose to [...]

The Late Movies: Quidditch

Quidditch, the magical game played by Harry Potter and company in J.K. Rowling’s books, has been all over the news lately, from regional newspapers like the Baltimore Sun and the Miami Herald to even bigger names like the Wall Street Journal, ESPN, and NPR. We’re delving into the craze and bringing you some of the [...]

Are You Afraid of the Park? Ghosts, Conspiracies and Other Weird Happenings in Central Park

For a while, Central Park, the 770-acre green oasis in the middle of Manhattan, wasn’t considered a place you really wanted to go. In the early 1980s, there were 1,000+ crimes of various types committed in the park every year, but muggers and vandals aren’t the only creeps that have run rampant there. From its [...]

World’s Largest Yoga Class

New York went yoga crazy Session for a second day running as thousands of practitioners gathered on Central Park’s Great Lawn.Under the guidance of acclaimed yogi Elena Brower, the masses assembled for a calming session under the open skies.Sadly the event came to a premature end after a rain shower hit the area, but spirits [...]