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New Year’s Eve Confetti Clock Cookies

These treats made by Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me are perfect for New Year’s Eve! Each cookie has three layers. The center layer has a hole in the center. That’s where the star-shaped sprinkles go. Wait until the ball drops, the break them open. Link -via Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons

Surgeon Commandeers Pink Bike to Get to Work

Dr. Catherine Baucom was on her way to the Elliot Mastology Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where a patient was waiting for her to perform surgery on Wednesday morning. But an accident on I-10 created a huge traffic jam in which hundreds of cars were stopped. That’s when Baucom took matters into her own hands, [...]

Nutella Swirl Doughnut Muffins

May I suggest some Nutella icing? And possibly some Nutella filling injected into the center? You can’t be too careful. You won’t want to end up insufficently Nutellad. Link -via Tasteologie | Photo: Baker Street

Remembering ‘Momo the Missouri Monster’

40 years ago a small town in Missouri became the center of attention in the hunt for a mysterious beast. The first to witness the creature was 15-year…

Political Partisanship Gap is Larger Than Ever

It’s not just your imagination or the wild claims of media: political partisanship is indeed growing. Annual polling by the Pew Research Center showed how partisan polarization rose sharply in the past several years: As Americans head to the polls this November, [...]

Should Hospitals Ban Fat Employees?

Our health care professionals have been haranguing us for years to lose a few pounds – so is it fair for us to expect that people working for the hospital to be, well, not [...]

Ocean’s deepest depth re-measured

The Mariana Trench in the Pacific ocean descends to a staggering depth of almost 11km. The Center for Coastal and Ocean Mapping used a multibeam echos…

Gigantic black holes discovered

Scientists have identified two black holes billions of times more massive than our sun. The black holes are located in the center of distant galaxies,…

6 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Facts

by Mike Albo Tonight is the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Here are some essential talking points about the Norway spruce. © Dima Gavrysh/Reuters/Corbis 1. The first time New Yorkers put up a Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center in 1931, it was like something out of Dickens. The Depression-era workmen building the center were so grateful [...]

Liquid Picnic Table

No, reality isn’t losing coherence — at least any more than it is normally. This surreal picnic table does indeed flow toward and over a railing. It’s an art installation by Michael Beitz at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Nebraska. Link | Video | Artist’s Website | Photos: Bemis Center Previously by Michael Beitz: The [...]