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Chair Made From Dropping A Mannequin Onto A Metal Cube

Dropping a cement filled mannequin on a perforated metal trapezoid is a really strange way of creating a chair, and it looks as you would expect it would-crumpled and uncomfortable. But hey, you can’t blame designer Ezri Tarazi for trying to come up with something new in the world of furniture design. If only he [...]

"Doctor" Injected Woman’s Butt with Fix-A-Flat

We’re no stranger to strange stories here on Neatorama, but this one took me by surprise: a transgendered “doctor” was arrested by the Florida police for administering butt-boosting shots made from cement, glue, and [...]

The Cement Factory

In 1973, architect Ricardo Bofill bought an abandoned cement factory in Barcelona and converted it to use as his business offices, creative studio, and home. He spent two years remodeling: tearing down some buildings, converting others, and leaving some of the original equipment in place for its charm. The result is an inspiring and overwhelmingly [...]

The Belmez Faces

One evening in 1971, a Spanish woman looked down at her cement floor and saw what appeared to be a face staring back at her. Thus started the strange event in history known as the Belmez Faces: She recruited her son and husband to get rid of the disturbing image. They took a pickaxe to the [...]