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The Warsaw Basilisk

The ancient legendary creature called the basilisk was feared in Europe and North Africa. It was a combination snake,rooster, bat, and sometimes other animals, that was born from an egg laid by a rooster and incubated by a toad. And it was so venomous, birds flying over it would die! Pliny the Elder wrote about [...]

Axolotl Salamanders

Image: The Cellar The Axolotl is a rare type of salamander, closely related to the Tiger Salamander species. They are about 9 inches long on average, and carnivorous. The cute critters are only native to central Mexico’s Lake Xochomilco, and yes – they are edible, and used to be a staple in the Aztec diet; but [...]

Dracula’s cellar found

Archaeologists have discovered what is thought to be the cellar owned by Wallachian Duke Vlad III, more commonly known as “Dracula”. It was found …