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Junk DNA Actually Not Junk

You’d be surprised to learn that 98% of human DNA actually don’t encode for anything. Some bits and parts act as gene regulators and switches, but for the most part, they’re just there because they’re there. In 1972, [...]

The Diamond Anvil

The first diamond anvil cell at the NIST Museum, from The Diamond Anvil Pressure Cell [pdf] by Gasper J. Piermarini and Stanley Block The Diamond Anvil is a simple lab device that scientists use [...]

10 Survival Uses for a Cell Phone

You can keep trying, but that cell phone will never work again. We’ve obviously been hit by an EMP. The 21st Century is gone — and much of the 20th with it. But survival expert Creek Stewart has some good ideas about what we can do with your phone, including starting fires, setting snares and [...]

Musical Graduation Brain Cell

Musical Graduation Brain Cell – $19.95 Are you looking for the perfect graduation gift for your favorite brainiac? Get them the Musical Graduation Brain Cell from the NeatoShop. This adorable neuron, dressed in a cap and holding a diploma, plays Pomp and Circumstance when you press him. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great [...]

Ibuprofen-induced Meningitis

A man came to the emergency room with strange symptoms. He had previously been diagnosed with viral meningitis because of a high white cell count in a spinal tap -but no infectious agent was found. And his symptoms weren’t consistent with the diagnosis. Then the doctor remembered another strange case he’d read about. In a Vital [...]

Annoying People Talking on Their Cell Phones? Jam ‘Em!

You and I may grumble when people nearby talk loudly on their cell phones, but that’s not enough for one man in Philadelphia. He decided to take matters into his own hands and jam them phones! The NBC10 Investigators tracked down a [...]

World’s First Cell Race

Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets! This is what happens when you put a bunch of scientists together on the track. The petri dish track, that is: In a tongue-in-cheek contest of microscopic mobility, a line of [...]

Doctors Note Increase in "Sleep Texting"

The obvious problem with people texting in their sleep is that it adds yet one more distraction behind the wheel. And doctors are seeing a lot more of it: Sleep expert Dr. Marcus Schmidt says he’s starting to see more cases of sleep texting. “Four out of five kids that have cell phones sleep with the cell [...]

Text Message Novels

This literary genre has apparently been developing for a few years, but I’ve just learned about it today. In 2007, Japanese romance novel writer who goes by the name Yume-Hotaru published one of his stories in short bits — small enough to fit into text messages. And that’s how they spread across the country. Now [...]

Animal transplants coming ’soon’

Scientists may soon be able to cut down waiting times by using animal organs in human transplants. While mechanical organs and stem cell research have…