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Android Mini Squishable

Have you hugged your Android today? Here’s a very cute, soft and huggable 7″ Android Mini Squishable ($19) from the NeatoShop. Sure beats hugging your plastic cell phone! Link | More Squishables | More fun Plush Toys

Parrot Talkin’ on the Phone (Ahahahaha!)

Ken Kulosa owns a green parrot named José, whose previous owner spent a lot of time on the phone. Turns out that when he’s alone (or thinks that he’s alone), José likes to … well, parrot, her phone conversations. So Ken snuck in and took this 1 minute cell-phone video. Check out this clip of [...]

Breath test may soon predict asthma attacks

Device the size of a cell phone will soon allow asthmatics to avoid attacks hours ahead of time. Siemens has developed a hand-held device the size of …

The Number of the Day: 85%

Nearly all U.S. adults—85%—now own a cell phone. In the 18-to-29-year-old demographic, that number goes up to 96%. Related Question: So, anyone here in the other 15%? [Source: Pew Research Center. See previous Numbers of the Day here.]