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From Text Neck to Hogwarts Headache: 6 Injuries for the Modern Era

Our shiny new gadgets (and one teen wizard) are proving once again that human beings are really easily breakable. 1. Text Neck Texting image via Shutterstock Do you have shooting pains down your neck and arm, as well as numbness or tingling in your fingers and hand? If you’re over forty, you might want to call an ambulance [...]

Testing Cell Phones in 1979

In this 1979 AT&T Archive video, a series of 70′s-tastic dudes and ladies use car phones to talk on the phone IN A FREAKIN’ CAR! Truly amazing, and so authentic that it looks fake. From AT&T’s description: Made one year into the first true cell phone trials, this film profiles customer reactions and the technology that [...]

Unicycle-Riding Clown Finds Cell Phone Users Inattentive

Researchers at Western Washington University wanted to test how alert cell phone users were of their surroundings compared to the general population. So they dressed a student as a clown and had him ride his unicycle around campus: The observers asked walkers if they had noticed anything unusual, and for those who didn’t, they asked specifically [...]