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Data, Geordi LaForge and Neil deGrasse Tyson

Celebrity physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson hosts a podcast called Star Talk. He recently invited Data and Geordi LaForge, the actors who played Brent Spiner and LeVar Burton on Star Trek: The Next Generation,* onto the show. You can listen to it at the link. Link -via Tor *I reject your reality and substitute my own.

Lies Told About Caramelizing Onions

Tom Scocca is upset with celebrity chefs and recipes that tell you to caramelize onions in ten minutes. You can sauté onions in ten minutes, but caramelization takes around 45 minutes, meaning “the best time to caramelize onions is yesterday.” Here, telling the truth about how to prepare onions for French onion soup, is Julia Child: [...]

12 Attempts to Bribe Celebrities for Worthy Causes

Want to contribute to a worthy cause and get your favorite celebrity to do something awesome and/or ridiculous? That’s the idea behind Charity Bribes. Anyone can post something awesome or bizarre for a specific celebrity to do. These ideas go on a master list, where the good people of the Internet vote for their favorites. [...]

Calf with six legs defies the odds

A six-legged calf that defied the odds by surviving past seven weeks has become a minor Swiss celebrity. The outlook seemed grim for Lilli when she wa…

Candid Celebrity Portraits From The 70s And 80s

Remember when celebrity portraits weren’t photoshopped, and the stars were allowed to relax and be themselves, rather than posing on ridiculously overdone sets in the latest couture ensemble? This series by Norman Seeff finds celebs relaxing, goofing around, and occasionally just hangin’ out in full outfit and makeup (I’m looking at you KISS). Take a stroll [...]

10 Celebrities With Their Own Beverages

If you live for celebrity food and beverage lines, then you’ll love Mental Floss’s list of 10 Celebrity Refreshments. Personally, I’d like to mix some of The Situation’s Devotion vodka mixed with some of Rush Limbaugh’s Two if by Tea. It might not be the most delicious drink, but the conflicting celebrity endorsements must give it [...]

Celebrities As Russian Generals

I was surprised when I learned just how well Bill Murray could pull off the look of an 1800’s Russian general. But he’s not the only celebrity that looks right in the role. Replaceface features an array of modern celebrities in this classic portrait style. Link Via BuzzFeed

Maru Cat Costume

Maru, the web celebrity cat from Japan, loves to crawl in and out of boxes. A young lady in Edinburgh named Rachel made this excellent costume in imitation of him. We need a video. Nay, we need impersonating Maru to become a major Internet meme. Link -via Craft | Photo: That in Black Ink

Search is on for new psychic octopus

Paul the Octopus’ predictions were so popular last year that the search is now on for his replacement. The multi-limbed celebrity became famous during…

Do Celebrity Endorsements and Ads Work?

There’s a lot of ads featuring celebrity endorsers and undoubtedly these celebs are paid a lot of money (I’m looking at you, Lance Armstrong), so those ads must work, right? Wrong! According to Peter Daboll of AdvertisingAge, having celebrity endorsements do not pay: Over the course of last year, time and time again we observed incredibly [...]