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Celebrity Anagrams

When you rearrange the letters in certain celebrities’ names, you can find wise descriptions or wonderful jokes. You’ll see both in a collection of surprising anagrams at Unreality. Link

Celebrity Make Unders

Remember those TV shows where regular people are made over to look like celebrities? Well, Planet Hiltron, a project by Danny Evans is the exact opposite: the New York City-based artist gave celebrities [...]

Scary Celebrity Extreme Close-Ups

No matter how much you love or hate these celebrities, you never want to see them this close up, believe me. Some of the images in this gallery will give you a good laugh, others are the stuff nightmares are made of (Iggy Pop). Check out the rest of the gallery at the link below. I [...]

Celeb Web Browsers

If celebrities were web browsers, which one would they be and why? Shane Snow decided to give it a thought and shared his conclusions in this infographic. Link

Talk Show Flops

TV has seen a lot of talk shows come and go -some going faster than others. That can really hurt if it’s one of your favorite celebrities trying out the talk show format. If you remember those less-than-successful series, you’ll do well in today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss. I scored 75% -beat that if you [...]