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The Periodic Ceiling of Elements

High school chemistry teacher Scott Byrum found a brilliant way to catch the attention of his students. When it was time to renovate his classroom, he made vinyl letters and numbers and attached them to the tiles of his drop ceiling. When arranged properly, they formed the periodic table of elements. It got just the [...]

Dandelion Ceiling

Regine Ramseier apparently sprayed 2,000 blooming dandelions with some substance which caused them to retain their seeds. Then she stuck them in straws and attached them to panels, which she hung from the ceiling of a room. Click on the link to see more photos of this gorgeous installation. Link (Google Translate) -via Colossal

That Time in 1979 When the U.S. Government Defaulted

© Kristoffer Tripplaar/Pool/Corbis As the Congressional debate over the debt ceiling rages on this week, more analysts are raising the question of what would happen if the country defaults on U.S. Treasury bonds. For finance types, the notion of the U.S. government defaulting is nearly unthinkable; Treasury securities are considered to be effectively risk-free. Murmurs that [...]

Look Up! Incredible Ceiling Designs

While the only ceiling art most people are familiar with is the famous mural on the Sistine Chapel, it’s certainly not the only ceiling worth a look. Over at WebUrbanist, you can learn more about 15 other stunning ceilings that will leave you ready to travel to distant locations to see them in person. Perhaps the [...]

15 Stunning Modern Ceilings

While the Sistine Chapel is gorgeous, it’s not the only notable ceiling in the world. WebUrbanist has a great collection of stunning modern ceilings for your viewing pleasure. Link

Celebrity Home Libraries

Judy Berman of Flavorwire rounded up photographs of luxurious libraries in the homes of celebrities, such as Diane Keaton’s, which is pictured above. Karl Lagerfeld’s is astoundingly packed from floor to ceiling (and then some) with books. Link | Photo: Calfinder

SpiderBot Walks on the Ceiling by Shooting Retractable Suction Cups

The robotics lab at Ben Gurion University in Israel has created a robot that walks on the ceiling. SpiderBot has suction cups tethered to the ends of its four legs. It aims a leg at a spot on the ceiling, then shoots the cup at it. Then it reels itself toward the spot, releases a rear [...]