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Police Officer Leads Himself on Hot Pursuit, Evades Capture

A junior police officer in Sussex, UK observed through a CCTV camera a man behaving strangely. He called a plain clothes officer working in the area and asked that he investigate. The cop did so for twenty minutes before another officer in the CCTV control room realized that the suspicious man in question was the [...]

Man survives being struck by lightning twice

A man jogging along a quiet road gets struck two times by lightning in the space of a minute. Incredible CCTV footage caught the incident on film, sho…

"Ghost" caught on pub CCTV

An anomalous ghost-like image has been caught on CCTV in a pub in Cumbria by the landlord. A travel agents next to the pub has also reported recording…

Dog alerts owner after sensing earthquake

Amazing CCTV footage has been released showing a dog warning its owner after seemingly sensing an imminent earthquake. The footage has become a hit on…

Thugs’ Intended Victims Turned Out To Be … Cross-Dressing Cage Fighters!

If you think the Somali pirate had a bad case of mistaken identity, check this one out: when two thugs decided to attack a pair of transvestites, they found out the hard way that their intended victims were cross-dressing cage fighters! The Daily Mail has the story: Dean Gardener, 19, and Jason Fender, 22, singled out the [...]