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I Hate Kitties

(vimeo link) What if there were an artful video game in which you could score points and advance to different levels by kicking cats? Well, there is no such game here, but instead a video that imagines one, by Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader. No cats were harmed in the making of this video. -via Everlasting [...]

Crouching Tigers

(YouTube link) The music adds much to this adorable kitten sequence! The video doesn’t say what kind of cats these are; they look like toygers. -via Buzzfeed

Natural Thing

(YouTube link) Cats and dogs chasing a laser pointer light would make a great music video, wouldn’t it? The group Nobody Beats the Drum thought so. The last minute or so of this is the best. -via Buzzfeed

Cat Wants to be a Cat Bank

(YouTube link) We’ve shown you how a cat bank works. We’ve even seen cats using one. We even have them in the NeatoShop, in case you want one of your own. But now you can see a cat who aspires to BE one! -via Buzzfeed

Cats Meet Furby

(YouTube link) A herd of cats encounter a functional Furby, and are not sure how they should proceed to eat it. -via Arbroath

Ninja Kitty Is Ready to Climb

(Video Link) We’ve seen plenty of ninja cats before, but this one is seriously amazing in his stealth skills. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

It Happens All the Time

My cats know that the office chair at the computer is the best place in the house to sit. It must be, because I spend so much time in it! Sometimes there are two cats, which leaves little room for me. Yasmine at Cat vs Human knows exactly how it is. Link

The Cutest Way to Play Skyrim Ever

(Video Link) Maybe it’s just me, but they should totally add a race of bears to Skyrim so you could play as this adorable Dovahbear. If they already have cats and lions, why not bears? Via Kotaku

Now That’s a Helpful Kitty

(Video Link) Cats have had it too easy for too long, just sitting around lying in the sunshine and attacking the beams from our laser pointers. Finally, here’s one that can actually earn its keep. Sure it only does the dishes, but there always has to be a first step. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Time 4 More Cat

It’s Friday, so how about a little game? Time 4 More Cat only requires your mouse. You are the cat, and just like all cats, your goal is to eat food and avoid being stepped on. Plus, there are force field powers you can pick up and portals to take you somewhere else. Link