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Animals Playing Dead

Cats can be trained? Who knew? All this time I had a cat growing up and I never taught her how to play dead. Just think of all the practical uses for that- like scaring my little sister into thinking I just killed my cat… …I can’t think of any uses beyond that right now. A [...]

Cat Box Costumes

You know what cats love? Costumes! Nothing gives them more delight than playing dress-up. Now not everyone can afford store-bought costumes, so the enterprising blogger Toshiya86 uses cardboard boxes instead. All that’s necessary is to ensure that the cat doesn’t pull his head out of the hole. Link -via Daily of the Day

Seven PsychoCats

(YouTube link) The movie Seven Psychopaths with be in theaters October 12th. If the real film starred these cats, I’d go see it! You can see the trailer with the actual actors here, but the only purpose in doing so would be to see what actor is voicing which cat. -via Daily of the Day

I Can Feel The Knots In Your Shoulders

(Video Link) I never thought house cats had very stressful lives, but this intense massage says that they really carry a lot of stress in their little furry bodies. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

10 Super-Embarrassing Moviemaking Typos

When you first look at this movie title, your brain probably says Night of a Thousand Cats. And that’s what you should think, because that’s what it is supposed to say. But look closer, and you’ll realize it says Night of a One Thousand Cats. This brain trick caused by using a numeral instead of [...]

Stop Working and Love Me!

(YouTube link) Cats are very good with body language. And they operate on the premise that it’s always fine to ask for, or rather demand, what you want. -via Buzzfeed

The Unicorn Horn for Cats!

Cats love it? Something tells me this cat is certainly not loving it. In fact, it’s almost like he’s challenging you to put your hand anywhere near him. Link

Cross-eyed Pirate Cat

Redditor PaintedTears loves her cross-eyed cat, and has him all ready to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day. She says he can see just fine to do all the things cats need to do. Link

Meow Compilation

(YouTube link) Watch four minutes of the greatest cats moves ever caught on video in this collection. They are strong, graceful, tough, funny, and occasionally embarrassed. -via The Daily What

Luxury Cat Playhouse

Thanks to the modular design of this wall-mounted cat play area, if your cats get bored, you can quickly change the layout. I want a human-sized version to play on. Link (Google Translate) -via Theresa Coleman