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The Late Movies: Oh, Those Clever Octopi

Octopi are pretty clever creatures with a whole wealth of skills; some people believe their intelligence levels are on par with those of cats and dogs. Here are just a few of the ways they continue to amaze us. They Can Open Jars to Get Dinner They Steal Things They’re Escape Artists They’re Masters of Camouflage and Mimicry They [...]

Natural Thing

(YouTube link) Cats and dogs chasing a laser pointer light would make a great music video, wouldn’t it? The group Nobody Beats the Drum thought so. The last minute or so of this is the best. -via Buzzfeed

10 Hilarious Pictures of Animals in Clothing

Sure cats and dogs in costumes are pretty darn funny, but horses and geese? Now that’s just plain “redonkeyless.” That’s why this Oddee article is just so darn fun. Link

These Skeletons Sure Are Pretty

All gussied up and nowhere to go, these morbid curiosities are the product of Dutch artist Cedric Laquieze, who uses the skeletons of cats and dogs and covers them with fake flowers to create a startlingly beautiful effect. Now your deceased pet can serve as the centerpiece for your next family get together! Link -via DesignTAXI

Cats Ready to Kill You

“QUANTUM SHOT” #679Link – by Avi Abrams One more word from you, and… These felines are insane. They have issues. They are not happy. Don’t even look wrong at them, or come close – they got nothing to lose, and will not stop from… well, killing you: The word on the street is, “The Grey Psycho Tabby” is [...]

Mayor Lucy Lou

Lucy Lou became the mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky by beating 15 other candidates in the 2008 election. Those candidates included one jackass, one cat, an opossum, and one human. The rest were dogs, including Lucy. She has risen to the demands of her position, in which her duties are mainly to greet people in [...]

Literary Pets

Etsy artist Chet Phillips has created a set of dogs and cats as famous authors. Or are they famous authors portrayed as cats and dogs? Anyway, these Literary Pets are sold as prints or sets of trading cards. Shown are H.P. Lovecat and Spaniel Defoe. Link