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Caterpillar Stuck in an Infinite Loop

(YouTube link) It appears that someone set up a camera to get a time-lapse of the tree growing, but a caterpillar stole the show! He almost got the right idea once, but then got back on his usual path. -via Arbroath

Caterpillar Almost Forces Itself Down Frog’s Throat

(Video Link)  This caterpillar is determined to be eaten by a frog–one that seems decidedly unmotivated to do so. Which will prevail? -via Blame It on the Voices

A Sea Slug Out of Water?

This jewel caterpillar might look like something that belongs on the ocean floor, but it is a purely terrestrial creature. Scuba instructor and amateur wildlife photographer Gerardo Aizpuru captured these amazing photos of a lovely and strange caterpillar. Within hours of uploading them, they spread around the net and were identified as an Acraga coa [...]

See-Through Caterpillar

This jewel caterpillar (acraga coa) is dressed to perfection. Gerardo Aizpuru spotted it in a mangrove area on the Yucatán peninsula. You can find more pictures of it at the link. Link -via Geekologie

That’s Not A Caterpillar

Admit it, you read that headline in the voice of Crocodile Dundee, everyone does, except for those 20 year-olds who all just said “who?”…Back to the matter at hand, this isn’t a caterpillar, it’s actually a bunch of birds who apparently have no sense of personal space. The European Bee Eaters here resemble a crawly [...]

The 9 Most Mind-blowing Disguises in the Animal Kingdom

We are all familiar with animals that use camouflage, but some take it to an extreme level. Cracked found examples of animals that totally take on a different persona. What kind of creature do think this picture shows? When they become frightened, they retract their heads backward into themselves, causing that bulge that looks like the [...]