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Old Card Catalog Cabinets Now Used for Sharing Gifts

A few months ago, a teenager approached the reference desk and asked me where the card catalog was. I was shocked. Oh, I’ve been asked that question before. But never by someone so young! Over the past two decades, many large libraries have disposed of their card catalog cabinets. Due to architectural problems, that was harder [...]

SkyMall Remade For Dogs

With all the preposterous pet items in SkyMall, it’s easy to wonder just how the catalog would look to a pup who could read. I think Funny Or Doe has done a great job at interpreting the catalog as a dog would see it. Link Via Laughing Squid

What Is This Tool Used For?

If you take a look at a catalog of tools for a specialized craft, you might be amazed at the vast number of specialized pieces of equipment available that you’ve never heard of. This tool, for example, is a perforation gauge. It’s used by stamp collectors to measure the gaps left by tear marks in [...]

Critter Catalog

Darren Bryant scanned a catalog called Stromberg’s Chicks & Pets Unlimited 1972, from which you could order chickens, dogs, skunks, raccoons, monkeys, anteaters, chinchillas, minks, owls, and even an ocelot! The pages are in a photoset at Flickr. Note that when you order a monkey, the clothing worn in the photograph is not included. Link [...]