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Epic Launch Video

Link Scroll down for today’s pictures & links. Epic Launch Video Feel the raw power of “riding a controlled explosion into space” – watch this Space Shuttle Discovery launch in high-res and with loud audio. And if you want more, then watch this too. Link Now for those who want to savor all the details of launch from all possible [...]

Link Latte 168

#168 – Week of November 1, 2011 Pop Culture Buried Treasures – [great page]See Spaceport America! – [architecture]Surreal Art: Dandelion Ceiling – [wow art]The Cruelest Show on Earth – [fascinating]Movie Spaceships: Great Series – [retrofuture]Sculptural Metal Mouse – [do we have to say "steampunk"?]Inside the Mind of an Octopus – [fascinating]HAL 9000 Clock (long awaited) – [...]