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Film Scenes, Kitty Edition

From redditor haissam93, we get four iconic film images with a cat. For reference, see the originals. He assures us the cat hated every minute of it, and if there are more photos to come, he and his sister will have to use a different cat. LinkĀ  -via reddit

Animals Hidden in Bowls

Geraldine De Beco, a French designer, made three bowls that look fairly ordinary when empty. But when filled with liquid, they reveal animal shapes! She’s made them to show either a bird, a wolf, or a cat. Link | Photo: Bernardaud

Armored Cat

Your cat doesn’t have a helmet? Why not? deviantART user Diarment made one for his cat Hugo. It’s reminiscent of Princess Leia’s slave girl costume, if Leia had been a cat. Link via Super Punch

Johnny Cat Climbs Today

Neatorama author Johnny Cat stopped blogging for a while because he is busy training to become a wind turbine specialist. He recently started posting updates at his blog The Litter Box, where we find that he is going to climb his first tower today, a 75-foot training tower at Northwest renewable Energy Institute. See a [...]

How to Pet a Kitty

In case you’re not a pro at this, Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal has explicit instructions for how to pet a kitty. And don’t even think you’ll be able to get out of it, or delegate the job to someone else, if you live with a cat! Link

Interspecies Friends

Interspecies Friends is a photoblog all about animals of different species either being friends or at least not killing each other. Sometimes, even predator-prey relationships are nullified by sheer cuteness, as with this rat and cat. Link via Urlesque

A Cat on a Cat

Sometimes you can see something in the shape of an animal’s spots, but have you ever seen a cat shape on the back of a cat? Link -via The Daily What

Spotted House Cat

Domestic cats normally come in solids, stripes, and patches ( have one of each). Some cats have been bred with spots, but the only naturally spotted house cat is the Egyptian Mau. It is the only naturally spotted cat and has been used in the breeding programmes of other cat breeds, such as the British Shorthair, [...]