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12 Cat-Related Patents That Are Really Quite Bizarre

To visit Google’s patent website is to lose yourself in a black hole of totally weird wannabe inventions—a surprising number of which are for your feline friends. From toys meant to encourage exercise to systems that deliver live birds for food, here are 12 really weird cat patents. 1. “Method of Exercising a Cat” If you watch [...]

Dirty PC

(YouTube link) How many years does a PC have to sit to gather this much dust? My computer comes in a small brick, with little room to accumulate debris, but I still vacuum the vents occasionally to guard against cat hair buildup. How about you -how often do you clean out the inside of your computer? [...]

This Kitty Pizza Is Far From Purrfect

Sure he looks cute, but the toppings are far from evenly spread…and how on earth would you divide it up between your guests? Worst of all, it probably is covered in cat hair. Link Via My Food Looks Funny