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The 15 Best "Kidcastings"

Kid Casting is a blog that looks at adult movie and TV characters and the children who play those same characters as youngsters, whether in flashbacks or in earlier parts of the narrative. Oddee has collected the best examples of well-done kid casting in their latest list. Shown here are the characters of George Bailey [...]

Kid Casting

Kid Casting is a Tumblr devoted to one simple, awesome pursuit: collecting movie screen captures showing the same movie/TV character portrayed as both a kid and an adult. It’s run by Dave Shumka, noted comedian, podcaster, and all-around swell guy. Two examples I enjoyed: 30 Rock Fever Pitch Now go do some Kid Casting of your own. (The site [...]

Johnny Depp

Filmmaker Tim Burton wrote a poem about his frequent casting choice Johnny Depp. He also illustrated it! Link