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Wood Cassette Table

After five years of planning and work, Jeff Skierka completed this beautiful 12:1 scale audio cassette tape table. It’s made of maple, walnut and lucite. And presumably magnetic tape. The table is reversible, so you can play both sides. Link -via Dude Craft Previously: Wood VHS Cassette Table

Cassette Art

Artist David Poppie likes to make artistic statements out of everyday objects including pencils and cassette tapes. Finally, a dignified resting place for all those Ray Stevens and Barry Manilow tapes you can’t admit to owning as a kid. He calls his works “re-mixed media.” Link

Cassette Tape Doilies

Jennifer Cantwell found that cassette tape can be successfully crocheted, and so turned Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band into a doily. What album do you think would make good doily fodder? Link via Craft | Artist’s Website Previously: Cassette Tape Paintings

Car Cassette Decks: the End of an Era

2011 marks the first year — since I’ve been alive, at least — that you can’t buy a new car with a factory-installed cassette tape player. The last model to be sold with one was a 2010 Lexus. That they are something of an anachronism was brought into stark relief for me when I posted [...]

The Number of the Day: 200 Million

In the 30+ years since Sony introduced the Walkman personal cassette unit, the company has sold more than 200 million of the devices. Sony announced recently that they have permanently halted the sale of cassette Walkmans. Related Fact: In another bittersweet moment for nostalgic computer lovers everywhere, Sony also announced this year that it will soon discontinue [...]

After 31 Years, Sony Ends Production of the Walkman

Sony’s portable tape cassette player — a revolution when first released in 1979 — has finally reached the end of its production life: The final batch was produced in Japan in April, and no more will be produced as soon as the current run is sold out. Just over 200 million cassette Walkman players have been [...]

Cassette Tape Skeletons

Photo: Brian Dettmer We’ve previously featured Atlanta-based artist Brian Dettmer’s sculpted books here on Neatorama. He has also created a number of sculptures out of old cassette tapes. From the blog Design Boom (sic): one day as dettmer was walking down the street he spotted a dead bird and an idea hit him. ‘here was this thing [...]

The Beatles Never Broke Up

Get ready for a strange story of a lost Beatles album found on cassette on the other side of a portal to a parallel universe. James Richards brought the cassette back and is making all the songs available. Link -via YesButNoButYes