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Ammo Whistle

Etsy seller Adam Horwitz takes spent .30-06 rifle cartridge cases, adds plastic reeds and shapes them into whistles. It lacks the musical variety of the cartridge case pan flute, but it sure is pretty. Link

Soap Shaped Like Nintendo Cartridges

Imagine the look of horror on your friend’s face when you take that copy of Chrono Trigger he’s been looking for all these years and proceed to wash your hands with it, the cartridge literally melting away before his eyes! These cleverly designed Nintendo cartridge shaped soaps are for guests only, and they’re not meant for [...]

Extraordinary Inventions: Victorian-Era Prank Machines

“QUANTUM SHOT” #751Link – article by Julia Suits Creators of these pranks were America‚Äôs original hi-tech geeks of the new electric age. You will remember our hilarious serious Weird Inventions by Guys; this time we give you a treat from Julia Suits, author of the “The Extraordinary Catalog of Peculiar Inventions” (None of this material has appeared [...]

Retrode Lets You Play Real SNES And Sega Genesis Games

If you love playing old school games via emulators, yet you have a stack of Sega Genesis and/or Super Nintendo cartridges just sitting around gathering dust, then you might want to look into purchasing a Retrode-a USB device that allows you to play your cartridge games through any emulator, and has ports for all your [...]