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If You Can’t Talk Like a Pirate….

Methinks Bob did not quite understand the original phrase. From Bob the Squirrel by cartoonist Frank Page. Link (Thanks, Frank!)

The Seal Avengers

Too cute to be threatening? Just wait until Disney on Ice gets a crack at presenting The Avengers. Then you’ll see this idea by cartoonist Sketchlock given the respect that it deserves. You can find cartoons of other team members at the link. Link | Sketchlock’s Tumblr Blog

Draw a Bunny!

You can fool your family and co-workers into thinking you have serious artistic talent by doodling bunnies between now and Easter Sunday. How? Just follow the instructions in the latest tutorial from cartoonist Mark Anderson at Andertoons. Link


If you’ve ever written about “Spiderman” on the internet, you’ve been schooled in the proper spelling. It’s Spider-Man! Other super heroes don’t use the hyphen. Cartoonist Cathy Leamy of Metrokitty explains the difference. Link -via Laughing Squid

How to Draw a Leprechaun

Cartoonist Mark Anderson offers instructions for drawing a simple leprechaun that you can use to show your Irish spirit ahead of St. Patrick’s Day this weekend. But even better, if you draw one and send it in, he’ll post it at Andertoons! Link

Classic Comic Book Covers Animated

Tony Stark’s life spun out of the control in the classic nine-issue Iron Man series “Demon in a Bottle.” It’s all the more striking with this cover image animated by cartoonist Kerry Callen. You can see three other animated covers at the link featuring the JLA, Batman, and Spider-Man. Link -via The Uniblog

The Life of the Party

Admit it, you’ve done exactly this at one party or another during your lifetime, haven’t you? From cartoonist Gemma Correll. Link -via reddit

Modernized Metaphor

Cartoonist Kevin Coffee illustrated a Tweet from @Boymeeetsworld to produce this Twaggie for the modern world. Link

Animation 100 Years Ago

(YouTube link) Cartoonist Winsor McCay {wiki} creates an early movie animation in this 1911 film, originally entitled Winsor McCay, the Famous Cartoonist of the N.Y. Herald and His Moving Comics but often just called Little Nemo, after McCay’s comic strip. Most of the video is a dramatization of how the animation came about. The actual animation [...]

The Hipster of the Rings

Cartoonist Noelle Stevenson offers up a delicious series called The Broship of the Rings. You’ve never heard of the dwarves? It’s probably because they’re so underground. Link -via The Mary Sue